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Find Salons was created by Jace Larson out of Seattle, Washington, because sometimes search engines just aren’t enough. It’s also nice to be able to find all the salons in one place. This isn’t a website simply for finding a place to get your hair done but for any and all salon style businesses. Maybe you’re looking for a tanning location in another city or state, perhaps your dog or cat needs grooming, or you could just be looking for the best manicure location in town. Whatever the case, if it’s a salon, we can help you find it. You’ll also be linked to customer reviews!

Advertising Services

The beauty of this website is how dedicated we are to small businesses. We want the world to know that you exist and even with social media, it can be difficult to get the word out if you don’t have a sponsor or partner for advertising. Plus, advertising is very expensive. Even the price of a simple Facebook ad will accrue over time. It is for this reason, that if you are an independent salon looking to spread the word about your services, we’re offering free advertising! This offer wont last long, so it’s imperative that you contact us as soon as possible. Continue reading for information on getting a hold of the owner of this website.

The idea of this website is pretty straight forward but we have a lot to offer. Our passion is in family owned and small business. We want customers to find your location and help you to branch out through advertisement. We also know how important it is to find highly trained and professional salons, so we’re a fantastic resource for anyone! What’s more is that while our main priority is in finding said salons and posting them here, we also write our own blogs and articles. Browse our site for vital information regarding tanning, dog grooming and health, as well as, hair care and styling tips. We’re pretty versatile, that much is definitely true. So, if you’d like to start reaching more customers and gaining more foot traffic into your salon, head to the About page. Once there, you’ll get to read a bit about Jace and who he is, as well as send an email directly to him. Don’t waste your time searching through countless ads and broken websites. All the best resources are already here!